Protect Yourself from Fair Housing Complaints is a turn-key solution to the Fair Housing dilemma faced by real estate brokers and property managers.  Is your company Fair Housing compliant?  Do you have company policies, training, and data required to stay out of court?  To find out, and to read the Mission Statement of our training program, select FAQs.  

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Fair Housing invesigations reach an
ALL-TIME high.  Settlements and penalties reach all time high!

$20,000 - $50,000 - $1,000,000  Buyers, tenants, builders - even salespersons are receiving huge awards because someone did, or said, something wrong.  With complaints, settlements, and HUD "testing" at record highs, how can a real estate broker or property manager protect the company from a Fair Housing problem? is the answer.


Special pricing $95 (use promo code "conference")


"Comply, comply, comply" has replaced
"Location, location, location" as the three
most important rules of real estate.  Fair Housing is undeniably the most problematic of all compliance issues. is a complete system for the broker or property manager who wants to comply AND to document it. 

We provide: * Fair Housing training *Custom Policy Manual and *Customer Brochure, *Customer Database*Ad Compliance Checker and much more.  We provide a a compliance solution, instead of
a band-aid.  In fact, we provide everything but the attitude.  Inexpensive.  Easy.  No nonsense.  Now.

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